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Yes, as long as you follow our guidelines. Keep in mind, bounce houses do have a weight limit.  We strongly recommend that children under the age of 5 do not use our bouncers.

Our bounce houses are wiped down, thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized after every use.  The same care is given to our party favors and concessions.

Yes. We use a diluted solution of Simple Green to ensure our bouncers are safe for children and adults.

You can contact my associates and myself by phone or email.

Our equipment gets regular wear and tear, such as a minor tear around a seam from constant use.  These are common and you will not be held liable for them so long our policies are being followed. 

You can either request catering services with our partners through our website or can either have us create and pick up your order.  If you want to handle all the details yourself we can still pick it up for you.  There will be a small additional charge for pick-up and delivery.

Anyone can rent a bounce house so long as they are over the age of 18 and can place the minimum deposit with a debit/credit card.

Yes, as long as we are not booked and the entire payment is fully charged. Keep in mind that our services may be limited due to our time limit to set up. Regardless, we are always happy to make your event enjoyably unforgettable.

The max capacity for each individual bounce house depends on the age range of who is using it, the total weight of its occupants, and the size of each bounce house. 

Yes. We offer discounted packages without sacrificing our excellent service. You can view our party packages located in our Rentals menu.

We accept credit card and cash. We only accept card for deposits.

Yes. This allows us to ensure that equipment will be available on the day of your event.

There is no cancellation fee as long as you cancel by 3 pm the day before your event. After 3pm, your deposit will be forfeited.

Yes. Set up and take down of all equipment is included in our prices.

We can provide your party with a generator and gas for an additional cost.

Generally anywhere indoors or outdoors with a flat surface. Grassy lawns are ideal. We will not set-up your bouncer rentals in a rocky area as it may cause damage to the bottom of the bouncers. 

Yes. As long as you allow four feet of space behind the bouncer for the air blower and port. Most small bounce houses can fit indoors.


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As a father and soldier, my daughter's happiness and safety is what matters the most to me, just like I know your child's safety matters to you. We are Experience Creators, and we're always striving to make sure you get the best experience possible. We guarantee that our equipment is clean, reliable and most importantly, fun! For a more detailed overview of our guarantee and rental policies, check here.