Jump City LLC is a veteran family owned and operated business, who's goal is to always exceed your expectations and help create the perfect party experiences for your events. We started from a simple idea - the idea that we could help people craft the most amazing and memorable event or party experiences they've ever had. When Jose Barba retired from the army, he took this idea and built Jump City around it, spending time researching and gathering all the knowledge and materials he needed in order to serve his community best. 

We consider our community our family, and we're honored to have the opportunity to serve you. This means we take the time to work with you so we can ensure that not only are our services top notch, but they're exactly what you need. It's our mission to make sure that your party or event is the best you've ever experienced, and that your party goes smoothly.

We're Experience Creators - let us create a wonderful experience for you.